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Friday, December 4, 2009

Chatting in Internet Poker

The poker rooms provide the chatting feature to the players to communicate with the players. This chatting feature can be used to know the tells of the players. You don't need to take the words of the players very seriously. Sometimes, the words may be very helpful to you in the play. The players try to distract you from the game. The players who type the messages very frequently play a very loose game. The player who say he has nutz may try to bluff you. The tells in the chatting window convey a indirect information. The talkative player doesn't play the game with concentration. If a player says he lost 40$ in a flush in other table, it means he is trying to distract you and make benefit out of it. If a player types words like man, internet poker is fun then it means the player is a beginner. Do not tell them that you have noticed that he is bluffing you.

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