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Monday, December 7, 2009

Poker Position Online

In Internet poker, the position means everything. It decides how your play should be, the poker strategy and what should you expect from opponents. When the right time comes you have to maximise your performance in playing. The online poker has three positions to play the game. They are early, middle and late. These positions decides you the strategies you have to implement in the game.
Early means the first one to act. You wont be having the advantage of knowing the other players strategies and their moves as you have to react first. This position is dangerous.
The middle position gives you an advantage of knowing the strategies of opponents before you. They will be in a confusion whether you play aggressive or lose play. But, there are more persons after you.
Late is the best position to know the strategies and moves of all the opponents.
If you are in early position then your hand should be very strong and late position gives you more drawing hands. The strategies should change when the position changes.

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